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Five Question: Greta Dillinger

08/01/2022, 3:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This round of Five Questions is with Greta Dillinger. Greta just completed her club season with Lady Pure Prep 2025, but also played some events with 2023/2024 team. Key player at North Polk as a Freshman with Division I potential. Thanks for your time Greta!


1) You just wrapped up your club season with Lady Pure Prep 2025, but also saw some time with the 2023/2024 team. What were some of your favorite memories from this past season?
I had a great time with Pure Prep and look forward to going back next summer. B.G Regins, Rich Borgos, and the other coaches are tremendous and know what they’re doing. They get our names out to college coaches and exposure in order for us to play at the next level. But for my favorite memories, I would have to say spending time with any of my teammates on either team. Everyone is so nice and we all get along really well. I loved how hype our benches got when someone made a three. Everyone is so uplifting to one another which makes basketball so much more fun. I look forward to play against some of them during the high school season. 
2) You are currently being recruited at multiple levels. What are some of the things you'll be looking for both academically and as a basketball player?
As an incoming sophomore, I’m mainly trying to build relationships with the coaches. I think it is very important I understand their coaching style and enjoy seeing their relationships with their current players. Other than basketball however, I am looking for a school with a good academic reputation so I can succeed after basketball. 
3) Last season as a Freshman at North Polk you already in the rotation. What are some of your individual and team goals for the 2022-23 season?
Of course our main team goal is to be able to play for a state title. We lost the regional final game last year. I think that alone is motivating us this year. As for myself, I am trying to become physically stronger and with my game, I’m trying to mix it up more. What I mean by that is try to create more shot opportunities not only for but for my teammates. 
4) You've had the opportunity to travel a lot during your career. What are some of your favorite cities and gyms that you've visited and played in?
I would have to say my favorite city to visit is Minneapolis. They have so much fun stuff to do outside of basketball. But the high schools in Minnesota are also very nice and I enjoy playing in them. Another place I enjoyed was Chicago. It was awesome to see how many courts and teams were there which added to the adrenaline. On top of all that, I’ve also played at Bradley University and Northwestern State University for Elite Camps. Seeing all the different types of locations and gyms keeps me wanting to play more. 
5) Who are some of your role models you look up, and what about those individuals do you admire the most?
I have a ton of role models in my life. A big one being my dad. He played basketball at North Polk High School and even won a state title. Then he went on to play at Central College. He is so passionate about basketball and was even my coach for the beginning of my basketball career. He’s always sending me stuff about the NBA, WNBA, workouts, etc. People who knew him through his basketball career come up to me and say “Wow, your shot is exactly like your dad’s!” and I proceeded to say “Yeah, but mines a lot faster!”

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