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Five Questions: Jaiden Haile

08/01/2022, 2:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This round of Five Questions is with Jaiden Haile. Jaiden is a 6'2" 2025 Post from Horace HS (ND) who will be playing their 1st year of varsity basketball as a program this season and plays club basketball with Minnesota Suns/Starke Elite 2025 and ND Pro 2025 Hintz. Thanks for your time Jaiden!


1) You just finished your Club season, where you spent time with Minnesota Suns/Starks Elite as well as ND Pro. What were some of your favorite memories from this season and what were some of the things you learned?
My favorite memories from the season are when I got to spend time with my teammates outside of basketball. For example, me and my starks teammates went to get ice-cream in downtown Indy. I love basketball but making memories and enjoying that basketball brings like spending time with teammates is also important to me. I have learned so much over the past few months about myself and this crazy AAU world.  
2) You recently picked up your first Division I offer, what are some of the things you'll be looking for in a school and a basketball program as you jump fully into the recruiting process?
Culture is really important to me when a program cultivates good relationships between teammates and coaches. Academics is also important whether a school has majors I am interested in or not. Picking a school/ being interested in a school for me just comes down to what kind of environment they have on the team, what basketball system they play in, core values. A school having values that match with mine is key.  
3) You play your High School basketball at Horace High School, who will have their first varsity basketball season in the EDC as a school this year. What are some of the things you're most excited for in being part of something so new?
I could not be more excited about this upcoming school season. While I love AAU, school basketball is about proving yourself and your team, especially in my case. My team is new so we must prove ourselves to not only the EDC but the whole state. I am also thrilled to have the opportunity to be a good teammate and help lead my team as far as we can. 
4) You are also a volleyball player, how does being a mutli-sport athlete improve you as an athlete?
My whole life I've played a variety of sports from swimming to tennis to basketball, I've done it all. Every single one of these sports has taught me something different and helped me to be a better athlete. I play volleyball simply because I love it. Playing volleyball often makes me appreciate basketball more than I ever could if I only ever played basketball. It also helps improve my speed and decision making, which develops me to be a more well-rounded player on the basketball court. 
5) You've been to some Division I Elite Camps. What were those experiences like and what have you learned from those opportunities?
Over the summer I've had the opportunity to attend 4 D1 elite camps. Each of these elite camps offers a different amazing experience. I've got to experience ball handling drills with Lindsay Whalen and learning new post moves with the 2022 BIG TEN freshman of the year. These experiences are irreplaceable. Attending these camps not only was a ton of fun but I also got the opportunity to develop my skills with high level coaches from all over the Midwest. 

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