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Five Questions: Peyton Musial

08/01/2022, 10:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This round of Five Questions is with Peyton Musial. Peyton is a 5'11" 2025 Guard who plays with two powerhouse programs: Wisconsin Flight Elite 2025 EYBL and defending Wisconsin Division 2 State Champions Notre Dame, as well as being one of the top 2025 talents in the region. Thanks for your time Peyton!


1. You just completed your club season with Wisconsin Flight Elite 2025 EYBL, what were some of your favorite moments from this past season?
This club season was a great season without a doubt. With it being our first season in the EYBL circuit I think that many people could have been questioning our ability to compete at this level. We as a club, had a very successful season, and were really able to prove people wrong and show that we can compete at a very high level. Being able to watch our 17u EYBL team win session 2 down in Louisville, Kentucky, was definitely one of my favorite moments. Even though my team and I didn’t play in it, I think it was a very great learning experience and it was fun to be able to cheer the other girls on in our club. To add to some of my favorite moments, on and off the court this was a really fun team to be around and play with. Seeing our growth as team was really special. On top of that, each individual player on this team got better, and looked more confident out there towards the end of the season. I would have to say some of my favorite moments would have to come from off the court. From going out to dinners, hanging out in the hotel rooms, and building great friendships, it is definitely something that I will never forget. The memories that you create off the court are always very special. 
2. Congratulations on picking up some recent Division I offers. What are some of the things that you think you'll be looking for as you start to move forward in the recruiting process?
Thank you so much!! One thing that is really important to me as I move along in the recruiting process is the fit. Coming up, I will get the chance to go on some unofficial visits. I think that getting the chance to walk around the campus and view the facilities to see if I can picture myself going there will be really important. It will also be great for my parents and myself to meet all of the coaches and continue to build my relationships with them. Building relationships is another very important thing for me as I move along in the recruiting process, because I will be spending at least 4 years surrounded by the teammates and coaches from the school. I want to make sure that I will not only grow as a player, but as a person. To do so, I want to make sure that I surround myself by the right people and be 100% sure on my decision. The fit and relationships are most important to me, but the academic part of a school is definitely something I value. I would like to be a dentist or an orthodontist when I grow up, so being at a school that has dental school would be nice, but not required, so that my chances of getting into dental school after basketball are higher. Playing in front of a lot of fans is definitely something very appealing as well. 
3. You were already part of a Wisconsin State Championship team as a Freshman when you defeated Pewaukee for the Division 2 State Championship. What are some of the things you and your teammates will need to continue the high level of success at Notre Dame?
I think something that we can definitely use to our advantage this year is our experience. Many of my teammates have been apart of the back to back state championship win, so I think using that experience will be beneficial. Even though I have only been apart of this past season’s state championship win, I feel that I have gained a lot of experience from that, as most players don’t even get the chance to compete for a state championship once in their career. Our team’s moto this year is one by one. Standing by this moto will be important, because it helps us understand that we need to take one game, one possession, one stop, one practice, etc. at a time. There is no guarantee that we can repeat what we have done in these past two seasons, so taking it one step at a time, and continuing to work hard and give forth our best effort will be crucial, as well as staying healthy. There is a lot of talent on this team and I am excited for what is ahead! 
4. Besides playing at your home gym at Notre Dame, what are some of your favorite places to play at, either in High School or travel ball, and why do you like those places?
Playing at the Resch Center in Green Bay is definitely my favorite place to play at. The atmosphere cannot be topped, especially for a high school game. In order to play here, you really have to work for it, and make it to the state tournament, so I think it can be used as good motivation for anyone. There is no experience like playing in front of a ton of people and playing for a state championship! For travel ball, one of my favorite places would definitely have to be All Iowa Attack’s facility in Ames, Iowa. The facility really interests me with the banners displaying the clubs success, and it is always a fun place to play at with good competition. I think that the facility is also very unique and built in the perfect way. 
5. What is one piece of advice you've been given that has helped you in your basketball journey?
One piece of advice that I have been given is to work hard. It seems very simple, but there is a very limited amount of people actually taking the time to push their self and get better at their game. There is no better feeling than working extremely hard for something, and it all coming to reality because you chose to put the time, commitment, and work into it. I didn’t realize how important working hard was, until it all payed off for me, and will hopefully continue to. No body knows about the early mornings and late nights that you spend on your game, or the countless hours you spend shooting in the gym, or your driveway, but they are able to see your progress once you put it into play. My advice is to start working hard early, because it will all pay off in the end. 

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