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Five Questions: Chloe Johnson

07/31/2022, 12:45pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This round of Five Questions is with Chloe Johnson. Chloe is a 2028 who played with Minnesota Suns/Starks Elite this past club season and will be making her varsity debut as one of the most talented 2028s in the region at the High School level this season. Thanks for your time Chloe!


1) You just finished up your club season with Minnesota Suns/Starks Elite. You didn't play at your age level, instead you played up at least 2 age levels, and often with the 2023 team. What did you feel was the biggest challenge in playing against much older players?

I didn’t think the actual basketball skill was ever too much. I could usually control the floor because of my IQ.   Sometimes in super physical games when I was playing 5 years up, Dyami took me out because the girls were like 50 pounds heavier than me and way stronger than me. But when we played really good teams that were smart I fit right in. My 17U team was super nice to me so they always had my back. 


2) A follow up to Question #1. What were some of your favorite moments, either on or off the court in this past club season?

On the court: 

I got a steal and an “and one” to win a 17U game during live period. That showed everyone I belonged. 
My coaches were the best. They are so smart and they see good things I do even if it’s not scoring. They brought me to the next level this year because they are bigger nerds than I am. We did a lot of film and we work really good together. 
Playing in the 15U State Prelims, we upset a lot of people. No one expected us to compete like that. 
I also got to talk to a lot of D1 coaches and get to go to an Iowa and MN football game. So that’s exciting for me. 
Off the Court: 
I just love being with my teammates. I’ve been with Anna and Ava since 2nd grade and they are the best friends I could ask for. 
On 17u my best memories are going for ice cream with the older girls and the hotel fun. They try to get me to do TikTok with them all the time and it makes me laugh because I’m a really bad dancer. 



3) This will be your 1st season where you'll be eligible to play varsity basketball in Minnesota, as a 7th Grader. What are some of the things you're most excited for as you begin your High School career?

I’m always just excited to hoop. It’s what I love and this will just let me play more. I had to play with the boys the last few years so having a girls team will be fun. 
4) You still have a long time to figure this one out, but I'll ask anyway. What would you like to accomplish as a player during your High School career before it's all done?
I just want to win. I want to go to State. I don’t care about any sort of records and my biggest goal is to make my team better. I want to figure out how to help the girls up North be elite. I know it can happen and I hope that I can be part of that. I want to be the best girl to ever come out of Duluth so I need to keep working! 
5) You're going to be a player who likely many kids will end up looking up to. Who are some of the players that you've looked up to and admired as a young talent yourself?
My brother Brooks is someone I look up to. He has always been a kid who had to work for everything he has and he surprised a lot of people.  
I look up to Paige (Bueckers) because she never takes credit and always cares about her team first. Plus she plays how I play and is unselfish. 
Gianna (Kneepkens) is also a person I love and admire. She trains with me and when I was in 2nd grade she never cared if I was at workouts, and she was in high school. She also has a really good heart. 

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