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Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold/West Central United 2025 Game Recap/Prospect Notes

05/30/2022, 7:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold Starting Lineup

3 Georgia Acompanado 5'7" 2025 Pius XI (WI)
22 Cassie Krause 5'7" 2025 Wauwatosa East (WI)
23 Izzy Freisleben 5'11" 2025 New Berlin West (WI)
24 Addison Miranda 5'7" 2025 Pius XI (WI)
30 Maya Edmond 5'10" 2025 Brookfield Central (WI)

West Central United 2025 Starting Lineup

2 Aubrey Morrison 5'4" 2025 Walker-Hackensack-Akeley (MN)
3 Allie Haabala 5'6" 2025 Alexandria (MN)
4 Megan Thorfinnson 5'8" 2025 Minnewaska Area (MN)
21 Sydney Dahl 6'0" 2025 Minnewaska Area (MN)
33 Tory Jennissen 6'3" 2025 Sauk Centre (MN)

Game Summary

     In a Sunday morning match-up Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold held off West Central United 2025 60-47. Shooters had three players lead the way in double-figures: Addison Miranda (18), Izzy Freisleben (14) and Georgia Acompanado (13).

     The early moments of the game were controlled by West Central United. They jumped to 3-0 lead on a free throw by Aubrey Morrison and an offensive rebound put-back by Tory Jennissen, one of the top 2025 posts in the region.

     Sharp-shooter Addison Miranda of Shooters would tie it at 3 with a 3 off the left lane extended. Miranda, one of the best shooters in region in 2025 class, would finish game with 6-3s. After the Miranda score, West Central United went on an impressive 9-0 run. Sydney Dahl started it with a right corner three, followed by a right wing three off off the hands of Morrison. Dahl, who is going to emerge as a prospect in the years to come, converted another three point play, this time the old fashioned and 1 style, with a beautiful step-through move off the right block. Her free throw made it 12-3.
     The first significant run for Shooters would follow, a 10-2 burst to make it 14-13. A well-executed floater from Acompanado started the run, which was immediately answered by a Jennissen score on a feed from Dahl. The next 8 however belonged to Shooters and a familiar suspect. Miranda started the run, and finished it too, with threes off the right wing and left wing, sandwiching an extended drive from impressive 2026 Brooklyn Love (5'4" 2026, Dominican HS, WI).

     The Shooters run was closed off by a right wing three from Morrison, making it 17-13 West Central United, but the bleeding was stopped only for a moment, as Shooters were about to start another run, an 8-0 one, that lifted Shooters into their first lead at 21-17.

     Cassie Krause (5'7" 2025, Wauwatosa East HS, WI), started things with a score off the right block. A free throw by Freisleben brought them within 1, and a screen and roll jumper by Acompanado lifted Shooters to their 1st lead at 18-17. The deadly Miranda cashed in her 4th three of the half from the right wing, capping the run with a 4 point edge for Shooters.

     The interior presence of Jennissen brought it back to a 2 point deficit, as she cashed in her own offensive rebound. Unfortunately, at that point, the Shooters were living up to their name and had another 8-0 stretch. Freisleben, a Division I prospect, connected for three from the right lane extended, then super-sub Love connected from the arc off the right wing. Freisleben ended this run, the third of the half by the Shooters, with a transition score.

     United wasn't going to back down however, closing the half with their own major surge, 12-5, to pull within 34-31 at the half. A much needed three came off the bench for United, as Ellaree Anderson (5'6" 2025, Eden Valley-Watkins HS, MN) buried one from the left corner. A steal and score from the quick-handed Acompanado gave Shooters a 31-22 advantage again. Eva Schwenzfeier (5'6" 2025 Albany HS, MN) powered in a drive, and a transition hoop from Haabala brought them within 31-26. Freisleben, a true inside/out Forward buried a big three for Shooters and a 34-26 cushion, before United would get as close as they would the rest of the game at 34-31 off a left wing three from Megan Thorfinnson and a 3rd offensive rebound and finish from the interior force Jennissen. Just when it looked like United had momentum on their side, Acompanado quickly stole it back for Shooters as she buried a half-court shot to beat the buzzer and made it 37-31 at the intermission.

     The half-court shot momentum definitely carried into the 2nd half, where Shooters opened quickly with a 10-2 blitz. A left wing three from sniper Miranda off left wing opened the half, but was answered by United's Haabala with a nice drive. A steal and score from Acompanado ignited Shooters again, with a left wing three from Miranda (her 6th of the game) and an interior finish by Freisleben opened the floodgates at 47-33.

     Haabala was about to heat up for United. She had a well-executed curl cut for a score, a three off the right wing, and a free throw to cap a 6-2 run. Shooters only score during the run was an interior seal by Maya Edmond, for my money as good as any rebounder in the 2025 class, and the score to date was 49-39.

     The next five points, and perhaps the dagger in this game, were from the Shooters. A screen and roll finish by Edmond in heavy traffic and another Freisleben three, from the left lane extended pushed the cushion to 54-39.

      A strong right block seal by Jennissen made it 54-41, and a transition hoop by Schwenzfeier 54-43,  but those scores  answered by 2 Edmond free throws. An offensive rebound and score from Acompanado ended the United momentum and it was 58-43.

     Late game scores from Dahl (in transition) and Morrison (2 free throws) were the final scores for United, the game's final hoop, making it 60-47 was an inside bucket from Krause.

Prospect Notes

Georgia Acompanado, Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold

-After a weekend of watching Acompanado play 4 times, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be a scholarship level player. She is a lanky Guard who can still take on contact on drives and stay upright. Has a nice shooting stroke with range to arc. Showed quick hands defensively and plays tight on-ball defensively. Finished with 13 points.


Sydney Dahl, West Central United 2025

-Dahl is one of the best sneaky-good prospects I saw this weekend. She has some size and length on her frame and is active on the glass. Multi-faceted scorer who has three range and can also iso smaller defenders on the low block. When good college coaches get eyes on her she's going to gain a lot of recruiting traction. Finished with 8 points.


Maya Edmond, Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold

-Younger 5'10" players don't usually dominate on the glass, but I can firmly say Edmond is an exception to that rule. Absolute motor getting to the glass and ripping the ball, creates many 2nd chance opportunities for Shooters. Plays well in screen/roll as the screener, including a tough and 1 finish in the 2nd half. College coaches need to start following her, she is a force inside.


Izzy Freisleben, Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold

-Beginning of the weekend I liked Freisleben, by end of weekend I loved her game. Has the size and skill set to work inside as both a scorer and rebounder, but her separator is her ability to also draw out opposing bigs and drain threes, especially off the lanes extended. Has the potential to develop into a Division I or high Division II talent.


Allie Haabala, West Central United 2025

-After seeing Haabala in Ames earlier this season, I was hoping to see her again and get another look. She showed the same result, from her Guard spot she is very difficult to contain off the bounce. Quick first step, and she heads north/south. Finished in double-figures and showed three range. Very good college prospect moving forward. Speed kills!


Tory Jennissen, West Central United 2025

-Jennissen is nearly automatic for double-double production with her size and interior scoring ability. It is rare to say this, but she at times is too unselfish when she gets a catch on the block. Potential Power 5 Conference talent. She is capable of dominating the low block on both ends of the court, she is a true rim protector in addition to her scoring.


Addison Miranda, Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold

-Best shooter I saw this weekend? There were some good ones, but I'd go with Miranda. Had 6 more threes in this game for her 18 points. She is a Division I shooter, with deep range, a quick release and fundamentally sound in her technique. Game will translate well at the 2 Guard or 3 Guard/Small Forward slot in college with her ability to convert off catch and shoot scenarios.


Aubrey Morrison, West Central United 2025

-Sometimes you underrate a kid in an earlier evaluation, and I may have done that with Morrison. She is dangerous off the wing as a scorer, where she showed not only three point range (connecting twice from right side) but an ability to put the ball on the floor and attack from the edges. She is a prospect I'll be keeping tabs on for sure.

Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold Scoring

Addison Miranda 18
Izzy Freisleben 14
Georgia Acompanada 13
Maya Edmond 6
Brooklyn Love 5
Cassie Krause 4

West Central United 2025 Scoring

Allie Haabala 10
Tory Jennissen 10
Aubrey Morrison 9
Sydney Dahl 8
Eva Schwenzfeier 4
Ellaree Anderson 3
Megan Thorfinnson 3

3 Pointers Made

Wisconsin Shooters 2025 Gold: Miranda 6, Freisleben 3, Acompanado 1, Love 1

West Central United 2025: Morrison 2, Anderson 1, Dahl 1, Haabala 1, Thorfinnson 1

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