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Spring Showcase Honor Roll (April 23-24)

04/25/2022, 1:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Fifteen players who I thought solidified their recruiting status or helped elevate their status as a recruit. Congrats to these 15 players, there was a lot of talent in Ames this weekend.

Abby Bloch, Crossfire Tusler 2025

6'2" 2025 Forward, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted HS (MN)

     -Bloch made a great impression utilizing her height on both the interior and perimeter. She has the height/length to be a force on the boards, and can be a true rim protector defensively. Showed a nice face to the basket game as well, comfortable working from the mid-range and able to hit the three.


Daviney Dreckman, Minnesota Rise 2024 Purfeerst

5'8" 2024 Guard, New Ulm HS (MN)

     -Dreckman had one of the stronger Point Guard performances of the weekend. She is a physical Guard who is rugged off the bounce but still able to square up and shoot consistently. Really competes on the glass on both ends, a plus rebounder. Strong at kick-ahead passes in transition game.


Libby Fandel, Team Iowa 2025 Blue Star

6'1" 2025 Guard, Xavier HS (IA)

     -The lanky Guard led a strong weekend tournament for Team Iowa, one of the strongest 2025s in the event. Able to gain the corner seemingly at will on dribble drives, she keeps balanced and finishes even in heavy traffic in the lane. One of the best driving Guards in any class in Ames this weekend.


Alex Flattery, South Dakota Attack 2024

5'9" 2024 Forward, Sioux City East HS (IA)

     -Flattery flies under the radar a bit on a team with several players already committed collegiately, but she put together a very good weekend on both ends of the court. Offensively, she picked her spots, but where she seperated herself was defensively. She can compete with elite scorers on the perimeter and use her strength and reach to be disruptive.


Emilee Fox, South Dakota Attack 2024

5'8" 2024 Guard, Mt Vernon/Plankinton HS (SD)

     -One of the already committed players in the SD Attack program, Fox will attend South Dakota State. One of the best scorers in Ames this weekend. She attacks off the edges and flashes a consistent three point threat. One of the truly elite players at the event.


Allie Haabala, West Central United 2025

5'5" 2025 Guard, Alexandria HS (MN)

     -Try as they might, there are few defenses that are able to keep Haabala from turning the corner and gaining the lane on her drives. She's a good finisher once she reaches the lane. A strong two-way player who will likely develop into a scholarship talent. Great open court speed.


Victoria Jennissen, West Central United 2025

6'3" 2025 Center, Sauk Centre HS (MN)

     -True posts are rare these days, but Jenissen is able to dominate the lane on both ends. Offensively, she keeps the ball high and away from defenders and scores around the hoop while showing some mid-range touch. On defensive side she is an elite rebounder for her age.


Addison Klosterbuer, South Dakota Attack 2023

5'11" 2023 Guard, Central Lyon HS (IA)

     -If you asked me who the best player was at the Spring Showcase, I'd probably go with Klosterbuer, a South Dakota commit. Such a well-rounded offensive arsenal as a scorer and has some creator ability in addition. Great range and an easy release on her jumper. Redounds her position and you can see she has a true passion for the game.


Kristi Kottke, Minnesota Rise 2024 Purfeerst

5'8" 2025 Guard, Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart HS (MN)

     -A very pleasant surprise on Rise 2024, playing up an age level. She understands the game and her role within the team. She has a natural feel for the game and advanced offensive skills. A perfect fit as a 2 Guard or 3 Guard/Small Forward prospect. Scholarship level talent with a nice ceiling as a player.


Abigail O'Reilly, Minnesota Rise 2023 Wolfe

6'1" 2023 Forward, Plainview-Elgin-Millville HS (MN)

     -More proof that quality interior players are still playing. O'Reilly has a great frame for playing inside and is athletic. She can elevate on rebounds and is a capable shot blocker. Still a little raw as a scorer, but she gets good position inside. Best play is ahead of her, and could be a steal as a scholarship player.


Sonya Potthoff, Minnesota Comets 2023 Peterson

5'9" 2023 Guard, Mahtomedi HS (MN)

     -Potthoff had a steady weekend working as a scoring Guard for Comets Peterson. She has the ability to convert from three and is solid in her attack off the wings. Looked very comfortable in her role as a primary scorer. Will be a good addition at the D2 or D3 level.


Melina Snoozy, South Dakota Attack 2025

5'9" 2027 Guard, Dakota Valley HS (SD)

     -I didn't expect to see any 2027s play this weekend as none of those teams were on my schedule, but Snoozy plays up two age classes and shows why. She has all the tools to grow into an elite caliber player. She has size, is strong when she attacks and showed three point range. Great prospect.


Doneelah Washington, ETG Midwest Elite 2024

6'1" 2024 Center, Lincoln Northeast (NE)

     -Washington seems to get better every time I see her. A true low block scorer who plays long, has sound footwork and will utilize initial moves and counters inside. Growing into a Division I recruit more each time she plays. A good rebounder who can also get out in the transition game.


Maren Westin, Minnesota Comets 2023 Elite

5'9" 2023 Guard, Becker HS (MN)

     -UW-Green Bay is getting a good one in Westin. She has a certain swagger that it takes to work from the point, and is comfortable as either a scorer or facilitator. Excellent shooting touch from the mid-range to the arc and has quick initial movement to create space or beat initial defender.


Kennadi Williams, ETG Midwest Elite 2024

5'3" 2024 Guard, Lincoln Southwest HS (NE)

     -True Point Guard who creates for others and picks her spots on the attack or when she has space at the arc. One of the shiftiest Guards in the region, changes directions and speeds as well as any Point Guard in the region. 3-sport athlete who if she chooses basketball will see her game explode at next level.

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