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1848 Legends 2024 National 58, Wisconsin Playground Club Regional 21

04/17/2022, 11:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

1848 Legends 2024 National Starting Lineup

6 Chloey Bynum 5'1" 2024 Green Bay Southwest
8 Alex Siudzinski 5'9" 2024 Green Bay Southwest
13 Kaylei Anderson 5'2" 2024 DePere
20 Alayna Feidt 6'0" 2024 Fox Valley Lutheran
30 Ella Hischke 5'10" 2024 Bonduel

Wisconsin Playground Club 2024 Regional

1 Madeline Nettis 5'6" 2025 Wilmot
3 Mia Granucci 5'6" 2024 Indian Trail
22 Joi Langston 5'7" 2025 St Joseph
30 Gabriella Sosa-Owens 5'7" 2025 St Joseph
33 Tatijana Ninkovic 5'9" 2024 Milwaukee

Game Summary

     1848 Legends led nearly wire to wire as part of a 4-0 weekend at Race for the Legacy. A balanced offense featuring both inside and outside scoring threats as well as a sound transition game led the way.

     1848 jumped out early winning the tip and getting a lay-up for Alex Siudzinski and an immediate 2-0 lead. Playground Club would get their first and only lead at 3-2 on a left wing three for Mia Granucci.

     The next four went 1848's way, giving them a 6-3 lead they would never relinquish. A transition bucket for Alayna Feidt made it 4-3 and a drive from Kaylei Anderson made it 6-3.

     Early scoring from Granucci again, this time two free throws pulled Playground within 6-5, before a pair of threes for 1848 would start to open things up. The first was Ella Hischke off the right wing, followed by a left wing three from Ella Paveletske. Playground got to within 5 once again at 12-7 on a quality drive by Tatijana Ninkovic.

     This is where the shooting went cold for Playground and heated up for 1848, resulting in a 14-0 run that started to put the game out of reach. During the run 1848 Legends got a variety of scoring. It started with the teams third three of the half, off the right wing form Paveletske, who then converted a back-cut finish. An inbounds spin move generated a lay-up for Siudzinski to make it 19-7. The run continued on a steal and score for Ava Hoffman, yet another three, this time off the right side for Paveletske, who had 10 of her 13 in the opening and decisive first half made it 24-7. A back-cut for Siudzinski capped the run and made it 26-7 before Playground would get an interior score from Jayla Isenberg.

     Five more straight for 1848 Legends made it 31-9, another wing three, this one from Anderson, and steal and score by Paveletske before the bleeding was finally stopped by a three pointer from Playgrounds Ninkovic. The final tally of the half went to 1848, a transition bucket from Feidt that made it 33-12 at the break.

     An 8-1 run to start the 2nd half kept the pace going for 1848. Six of those points came from Siudzinski, two free throws, a mid-range jumper and an offensive conversion. An inside bucket for Hoffman made it 41-13.

     A little back and forth followed as Playground continued to battle. 1848 scores for Ellie Mangold and two more free throws, these from Siudzinski were matched by Playground scores from Granucci in transition and Joi Langston off the bounce, making it 45-17.

     The last major run of the game, like throughout, went to 1848 Legends,. It started with the third three of the game for Paveletske, a pair of transition scores for Hischke and Feidt, and Feidt again inside pumped the lead to 54-17.

     Late scoring for 1848 Legends were an inside finsih for Feidt and a transition attack from Hischke. Granucci wrapped up the game with a pair of drives for Playground Club. 1848 Legends picked up the 58-21 win.

Top 5 Prospects

1. Alayna Feidt, 1848 Legends 2024 National

     -Her size and ability to work inside and be one of the dominant forces on the boards gave 1848 huge edge.

2. Ella Paveletske, 1848 Legends 2024 National

     5'7" 2024 Kimberly

     -Started out hot, scoring 10 of her 13 in the first half. Able to stretch the floor with shooting off the wings.

3. Alex Siudzinski, 1848 Legends 2024 National

     -Good footwork and shows productivity in the short and mid-range games. Good size at the Guard slot.

4. Ella Hischke, 1848 Legends 2024 National

     -The other dominant player on the glass for 1848. Like that as frontcourt player she can stretch the floor as shooter and get in transition game.

5. Mia Granucci, Playground Club 2024 Regional

     -Offensive struggles for Playground except Granucci. Did a nice job penetrating the defense and gaining paint consistently.

1848 Legends 2024 National Scoring

Alex Siudzinski 14
Ella Paveletske 13
Alayna Feidt 10
Ella Hischke 7
Kaylei Anderson 5
Ellie Mangold 5
Ava Hoffman 4

Wisconsin Playground Club 2024 Regional Scoring

Mia Granucci 11
Tatijana Ninkovic 5
Jayla Isenberg 2
Joi Langston 2
Gabriella Sosa-Owens 1

3 Pointers Made

1848 Legends 2024 National: Ella Paveletske 3, Kaylei Anderson 1, Ella Hischke 1

Wisconsin Playground Club 2024 Regional: Mia Granucci 1, Tatijana Ninkovic 1

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