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Film Room: Kyle Overskei (Maple Grove HS, MN)

12/07/2021, 6:45pm CST
By Chuck Thompson

Kyla Overskei

2022 Guard

High School: Maple Grove (MN)

Club Program: Minnesota Fury

College: Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Film Room: Maple Grove vs Wayzata 12/1/21


-Outstanding shooting effort in the season-opener for Maple Grove. Overskei has deep range off the wings. She is a strong corner shooter, who finishes with a high handed shot off the catch and shoot. Style of play is well equipped for the college game working as a 3 Guard/Small Forward who can score off the edges and relocates along the perimeter to find space. Defensively, she is often matched up with smaller, quick Guards but does a good job of keeping opponents in front of her and with gap control. Scored 14 of her 16 points in 1st half before Wayzata shifted some of their defensive responsibilities her way.

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