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Five Questions: Olivia Loomis-Goltl

09/09/2021, 11:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Today we have Five Questions with Olivia Loomis-Goltl of Bridgeport (NE) High School who plays AAU with NOCO Triple Threat out of Colorado.


1) Last season at Bridgeport you reached the State Semifinals, what are some of the things you and your team will need to fine tune this season to try and reach the State Championship?
We all need to work on playing in that more aggressive style that the teams at the state tournament play, and also being more consistent with our defense.  We need to work on being in the right position on defense to avoid fouls and to also just take away the easy points that we gave away last year.
2) You and your sister Ruthie have proven to be a strong 1-2 punch at Bridgeport, what is it like playing alongside your sister?
Playing alongside my sister is one of my favorite things about our team because we have a strong bond.  I know what she is going to do in certain situations, and I can read her body language and know what she wants me to do.  We also both really trust each other, and that's really important to having a successful team.
3) You've already received multiple Division 1 offers, what are you looking for in a school/program and do you have any idea of when you hope to make your final decision?
What I am looking for in a school is a competitive culture, good coaching and also a strong team where the teammates are close with each other and are there for each other.  Also a school that has a diverse range in academic opportunities.  My plan is to most likely decide what college to commit to at the end of my junior year as of now.
4) You play your AAU with NOCO Triple Threat in Colorado, what were some of your favorite moments from this past AAU season?
My favorite memories playing AAU this summer was probably becoming close with people I never would have known if I didn't play.  I made a good friend on the 24 team, and we've become pretty close.  One of my favorite moments was the last game in Indianapolis, and I was joining the 23 team so I got to play with my sister.  The whole team dominated, and we had a good win to end the tournament.  Getting to walk around Chicago and see the pier was also really awesome to see with my teammates and friends.



5) What advice would you give young basketball players who also have the dream to play college basketball at the highest level?

I would say have fun playing the game with your friends and your family because if you want to be good at something you have to love it.  Playing pickup games outside with all my friends during elementary made me really love the game.  You need to love the game at a young age because when you get older you are not going to want to keep working when things get tough.

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