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Five Questions: Lauren Feddema

09/09/2021, 1:45am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Thank you to Lauren Feddema for joining us for Five Questions. Lauren is a Senior at Buffalo (MN) High School who competes on the AAU circuit with North Tartan Elite.


1) You have a new coach at Buffalo this season in Barb Metcalf, have you had a chance to meet with her yet and what are some of the things you hope her experience can bring to your experienced Buffalo team this winter?
I’ve had a chance to meet with Coach Metcalf multiple times and am very excited for what she is going to bring to our team and our program as a whole. She brings energy and enthusiasm to our team and a wining spirit which is just what we needed. After our last couple seasons Coach Metcalf is bringing many new things that have been missing from our team there past couple years. 
2) You still haven't verballed to a college, what are some of the things you're looking for in a school and when are you hoping to make that decision?
I have not committed and hope to commit before basketball season starts, although this is not a decision I want to rush so I don’t have a deadline I want to make my decision by. I have been considering many things when looking at colleges I would want to attend and play basketball for. I always talk to the coaches about their style of play and how they see me fitting into it. I look at their facilities and if I can see myself training and playing there for my next four years. Lastly I went into the recruiting process wanting to attend a large school but as I have learned, size of school may just be something I have to adapt to as many colleges I am interested are on the smaller side. 
3) You played for a very good North Tartan AAU Team that played a strong schedule and was full of talented players, what were some of your favorite moments from this past AAU season?
Some of my favorite moments on my AAU team came in July when we had many back to back tournaments going from Iowa to Chicago and them Minnesota straight to Iowa. During this time we all got closer as a team and got to know each other a lot better. Out of state tournaments are always my favorite parts of every AAU season! 
4) A year ago the High School season was greatly limited by COVID-19, how different does it feel this season to know that barring another wave of COVID you should be playing a "normal" High School season again?
I am very excited that we are finally getting back to normal this year for sports! Waiting until January last year to start basketball was very tough for me and for many of my teammates as well. Knowing that this year can go back to normal is relieving, especially for our season year! I am hoping to make the best of it now that we’ve been given the chance!
5) Besides your home gym at Buffalo, what are some of your favorite places to play?
I do like our home gym a lot but if I had to pick another favorite I would have to pick STMA’s gym, even though I may not enjoy playing STMA a whole lot I love their gym! Honorable mention would have to go to Moorhead or Edina as I also like playing in their gyms as well! 

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