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When Life Happens

06/09/2020, 2:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

     This weekend I am scheduled to attend another AAU event, this time in Ames. I try to attend events every weekend, sometimes it's heavy on the Twitter side of things for me, sometimes on the website side, but I enjoy covering Girls hoops and hope this weekend goes off without a hitch.

     There are 2 obstacles to this weekend. The first is that I am currently going on 3 weeks homeless, with no end in sight. The second is that as soon as I post this article, I'm going to the hospital and HOPING that since I'm going in voluntarily to deal with my mental illness struggles with bipolarity and depression that I will still get out on Friday and work my way down to Ames.

     The reason is write is two-fold. I write for myself, it's a way of dealing with struggles and just getting them out there, so the people I know in this great hoops community understand I may be off my game at times, but that I'm still working hard to grow and promote the game I love. I also write to try and help others. I want people to know that they can struggle and not be ashamed to let others know, and to understand they are never alone in their struggles. I know sometimes I appreciate hearing that others have overcome obstacles, or that others share some of the same issues I do, and that we all keep plugging away, knowing that one day we will turn a corner hopefully and we'll be in a better position to help the next person down the line.

     The LAST thing I want to talk about with people is my struggles, I am putting them out there so that if I'm ever absent from an event people know it's probably just a temporary bump and that I'll be back at it as soon as possible. It may seem weird to write about struggles, but not sit and talk about them, but that's just how I personally tick.

     I'm asking for just one thing, understanding. I am going to cover as much basketball or more than anyone out there, and I'm going to pour my soul into coverage. The understanding I ask for is that I am currently in a couple serious battles. My wife is just fine, and my kids are with her. She is strong and my kids are in a great home, it's just a home I can't be in because of my struggles. My sole income comes from Five State Hoops now. I need to make it a success and I will give 100% to making sure we have content out there from every event we cover.

     A favor I ask is that if you know someone is struggling, or think they might be, just check in on them and give them words of encouragement. When you're at your lowest a simple text or phone call can go a long ways towards helping you grind through a tough day and get to one that might be better.

     I love what I get to do, and I look forward to Ames, which is maybe my favorite city to cover games from. Please take care of yourselves and those in your lives. Hopefully I'll be back out Friday and on my way to another great weekend of hoops.

     Thanks for your time today!


     Chuck Thompson

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