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Daily Dozen: Monday, May 4th

05/03/2020, 10:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Faith Alberts
6’1” 2021 Forward
Parkers Prairie/Minnesota Comets

2x All-State Honorable Mention. 4x All-Conference. Inside/Outside scorer. Has excellent footwork & counters leading into scores around the basket. Has high release point on interior finishes. Strong frame holds up to contact on short drives. Three point touch off the catch and stationary in half-court. Prolific scorer & plus rebounder from Forward spot. 4.0 GPA. Scholarship level prospect.


Kylie Baranick
5’6” 2021 Guard
Maple Grove/Crossfire Schuck

2 Times Northwest Suburban All-Conference. Three point shooter off top and either wing, with range beyond arc off the wings. Quick off bounce, will use rip-through, spin or cross-over to set up attack, gets to rim consistently but also has soft floater. Hard, straight-line cutter off the wing. On drives, can create for others drawing help defender. Strong defender, anticipates well in defensive passing lanes and adds quick hands defending on-ball. Scholarship level prospect.


Naomi Breunig
5’10” 2021 Guard
Sauk Prairie/Wisconsin Elite

Led Sauk Prairie in scoring as Junior at 18.0 PPG. Can create her own shot on drive, or set up teammates for clean looks. Can create with short drop-off passes or strong cross-court efforts. Three range off the catch or with stop and pop. Gets feet set quickly to utilize step-back from three.  Strong build. Plays on the line defensively and creates turnovers in passing lanes. Excellent instincts away from the ball, generates a lot of steals.


Adi Brown
5’11” 2021 Forward
Lakeville South

Good shooter from three, down into the deep corners. Long strides, can get from perimeter to rim in 1-2 dribbles. Dangerous out of corner as dual threat from three point line mixed with strong baseline drive ability. Selfless player, won’t force shot, when well defended or doubled locates open player and keeps offense flowing.


Cloey Dmytruk

5’11” 2022 Power Forward/Wing

St Paul Como Park/43 Hoops

Led Como Park in rebounding as Sophomore. Three point threat, particularly up top and from the sides. High motor as rebounder, tracks down offensive boards and gets physical on defensive glass. Consistent shot blocker, good instincts and positioning. Rare combination of player who can shoot the three and block shots. 4.15 GPA


Kate Hosking
5’9” 2021 Shooting Guard

Strong rip-through move leads to quality attacks from anywhere, especially effective off baseline and wings. Can mix in spin move to finish or short floater. Good shooter off the catch in the mid-range, anywhere from 12-19 feet. Can shoot three from across the arc at better than 30%.


Kaylee Hunter
5'4" 2022 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Minnesota Valley Lutheran
/Minnesota Rise
Has some quickness off the bounce, able to get even or ahead of initial defender.  Will attack from top or off either wing. Range off the wings and corners, shows deeper range off the wings and lanes extended. Will look to play up-tempo into transition game.


Ava Loftus
5’7” 2022 Guard
Stoughton/Wisconsin Flight Elite

Led Stoughton in scoring as Sophomore at 11.1 PPG. Consistent three point shooter who finished at 33% for season. Spreads three point shooting around the arc. Owns deeper three point range on the high wings. Utilizes nice cross-over to set up drives. Changes pace early in drives, catching defenders off balance. Angles body on the move, avoids taking on heavy contact.


Lily Peterson
2021 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Crosby-Ironton/Minnesota Suns

1,000 point scorer. Combo of scorer/playmaker from the Guard slot. Quick cross-over, will use on drives and into quality pull-up jumper from mid-range. Three shooter from top/sides. Excellent vision on the move, can execute long passes up-court in transition game or find posts for easy looks off the bounce after beating first defender. Uses touch passes effectively.  Rebounds position. Scholarship level prospect.


Grace Quade
5’9” 2021
/Wisconsin Academy
Does most of offensive damage facing hoop, on low post work or short to mid-range jumpers. Can attack with short drives from free throw line area or baseline.  Will step out to three point line. Sound rebounder on both ends of the court, puts a body on opponents on defensive glass. Active hands defensively, tons of tips and deflections. 


Carlee Sieben
5’7” 2021 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Grafton/ND Pro

Burst in first step. Quick Guard, shifts gears on the move, using hesitation to set up attack. Consistent as three point shooter from anywhere with quality range. Dangerous in transition, can use speed to get to rim, has pull-up game and is creative passer when drive is cut off. Excellent touch on passes. Scholarship level prospect.


Amanda Treptow
5’6” 2022 Point Guard
Jesup/Lady Martin Brothers

Led Jesup in scoring as Sophomore at 12.5 PPG. Also led team in assists and steals. Good blend of drives and three shooting. Off bounce, stays compact and will gain paint. Majority of shots are on drives, productive scorer with dribble and has head up and creates on move. Solid three point shooting, with bulk of those coming from top and wings. Will consistently get to free throw line. Good hands when on-ball defensively. Scholarship prospect.

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