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Daily Dozen: Thursday, April 23rd

04/23/2020, 10:30am CDT
By Chuck Thompson
Summya Adigun
5’8” 2023 Small Forward, Hugoton (KS)/Western Kansas Elite
Athlete off the wing. Attacks with long strides, can finish with spin, pull-up jumper or getting to the glass. Will locate shooters when double arrives. Uses vertical to get to offensive rebounds. Mid-range shooting to around 17 feet. Three point range off the sides and corners. Excellent rebounder, will also slide in defensively to take charges.
Sheridan Flauger
5'7" 2021 PG, Pulaski (WI)/Wisconsin Purple Aces
Gets feet set quickly into shot. Maintains vision in transition, looks to kick-ahead. Sets up attack moves with elite level cross-over. Uses length on finishing moves. Quick first step. Excellent cutter, direct cuts, doesn’t dance. High basketball IQ. Reads screens/uses them effectively in pick & roll situations. Quick handed defender, natural ability to pick ball away from primary ball handler or when closing gaps as secondary defender.
Katie Fogarty
5’10” 2021 Forward, Bondurant-Farrar (IA)/Kingdom Hoops
Catch and shoot threat from top down to corners. Good footwork into shot, adds mid-range touch from 15-17 feet. Can work off either low block, again nice footwork reverse pivot to fact basket. Short drives can get to rim or utilize one-dribble pull-up. Gets extension to glass, keeps offensive boards high for follows. Can facilitate as passer in high/low game from either spot.
Madi Herkenhoff
2022 Center, Albany (MN)/Minnesota Comets
Good frame. Works off low and mid-block to baseline or middle. Keeps ball away from defense on offensive rebounds. Will use quick power dribble to finish off short drives. Has up and under step-through. Seals and holds spot on low post. Shows face to the bucket mid-range jumper.
Delaney Hoke
6’1” 2021 Center, Eagan (MN)/43 Hoops
Seals middle of lane, and can work back to either hand to finish. Face to the basket range extends from mid-range out to the arc. Mid-range touch off baselines. Gathers offensive rebounds high, keep ball high on finishes. Runs floor out of post position. Works from free throw line down to low block, quick cuts from free throw line to post position. When working edge delivers quality post entry feeds. Defensively holds block with leverage.
Alayna Kulesza
5’10” 2022 PG, Illinois Cru/M14
Maintains court vision on the move, balances floor in transition game. Shifts directions on drives, mixes in cross-over, spin move to create separation. Uses length on finishing moves. Shot blocker from Guard position. Point Guard who creates for others, can make all the passes from the one spot. Face to the basket possesses mid-range touch and three point range.
Sophia Langille
2023 Combo Guard, Fond du Lac (WI)/Wisconsin Flight Elite
Shifty on the move, can get to rim consistently, changes speeds into move. Crafty scorer off bounce. Three threat off wings and corners and off the catch. Passer with vision on the move. Keeps shoulders square to basket against physical contact. Has mid-range touch including pull-up. Rebounds position, led H.S. team in rebounds as Freshman. Gets hands in passing lane, protects positioning with inside hand steals.
Julia Mantyla
2022 Small Forward, Northridge (IN)
Three point shooter from around the three point line. Can score inside with post up seal or short drives. Long strides, covers a lot of space in 1-2 dribbles off the wing. Effective shot blocker from the wing position. Can be scoring threat off both pick/roll and pick/pop options.
Taylor Marquart
5’9” 2022 Point Guard, Fort Atkinson (WI)/Wisconsin Flight Elite
Drives with authority from top of key. Upper body strength can absorb defenders. Three point weapon off wings/top of key and both areas in catch & shoot. Keeps head up on the move. Adds runner on the move. Will press up on-ball defensively. Strong rebounding production.
Julianna Ouimette
5’9” 2023 Point Guard, Lakeland (WI)/Wisconsin Flight Elite
Hard to contain off the bounce, keeps ball tight to frame, can take on contact and finish consistently. Changes speeds with north/south attacks. Can utilize cross-over to set up drives. Three point range from top, wings. Gets extension to finish drives, converts with both hands. One dribble pull-up to free throw line. Quick hands on-ball defensively. Creates in transition game with both short drop-offs and deep passes. Division 1 prospect.
Amy Thompson
5’8” 2024 Guard, Mahtomedi (MN)/Minnesota Fury
Long Guard with consistent three point range off the wings and baseline. Excellent in catch and shoot scenario. Multi-level threat on baseline as driver, mid-range or three shooter. Adds pull-up on short to medium drives. Will get out into transition game. Excellent ball-side cutter.
Sacia Vanderpool
6’4” 2021 Center/Power Forward, Byron (MN)/FBC North
Uses length around rim, keeps ball high. Nice interior touch. Natural shot blocker. Good footwork out to perimeter, pivots to face bucket, squares on shots. Range extends out to three point line, adds turn around jumper from 10-15 feet. Cleans up defensive glass, excellent on offensive boards. Quality hands, provides wide target radius. Can utilize step back and turn around from block out to three point line. Can put ball on deck for short drives. Rare combo of shot blocker who can step out and convert from three point line as well. Division 1 prospect.

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