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Daily Dozen: Friday, April 24th

04/24/2020, 9:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson
Olivia Anderson
5’6” 2021 Guard, Anoka (MN)/Crossfire Bluestar Herman
Led Anoka in scoring during Junior season at just under 18 PPG. Can work from either Guard spot, but works primarily as a Shooting Guard. Good first step. Quick release on jumper. Catch and shoot threat out of corner. Pull-up off the bounce as well as floater when in paint. Gets to free throw line. Quick cuts weak-side to ball-side. Will press up full-court on the ball.
Amaya Blake
5’8” 2022 Point Guard, Platte City (MO)/Arkansas Banshees
Led team in scoring as Sophomore at 15.7 PPG. Also led team in rebounding and assists. Excellent ball handling skills. Can create for self off bounce, physical drives, can absorb contact in the lane. Drives set up scores for teammates by drawing in help defenders. Drives also set up scoring opportunities with pull-up. Hard to contain in space. Good instincts in passing lanes defensively, will push tempo off turnovers. Good vertical leap assists on rebounding, scrappy on offensive glass. Will block shots from Guard spot. Scholarship to Division 1 prospect.
Kassie Caron
6’0” 2022 Guard, Holy Angels (MN)/Minnesota Fury
Excellent shooter. Three point shooter with length. Can create space with jab into step-back three. Excellent catch & shoot scorer on the edge to the baseline. Easy release, soft touch from arc. Runs floor wide, three threat in transition game. As driver, gets to paint in 1 or 2 dribbles. Iso weapon against smaller defenders. Can defend smaller, quick Guards. Anticipates defensively. Rebounds position. 14 PPG as Sophomore in 2019-20. Division 1 prospect.
Jordyn Carr
2022 Combo Guard Tri County Northeast (NE)/United Sports Academy
Drives with authority, north/south attacks, gets extension into finishes and angles body well against initial defender. Gets feet set quickly in catch/shoot game. 3 point range on jumper. Uses elite level cross-over to set up both drives and step-back shots. Quick handed defensively and into passing lanes. Will convert steals into scores/assists. Natural instinct to produce steals defending on-ball.
Alayna Contreras
5’7” 2022 Guard, Hopkins (MN)/Minnesota Metro Stars Starks
Three point threat off the wing in half court and transition games. Quick first step off the edge. Primarily a Shooting Guard but can slide to the Point. Strong on-ball defensively, positions self away from ball. Can defend bigger. Open-court speed. Gets wide into transition game.
Jaeden Ferris
2023 Point Guard, Westwood (IA)/United Sports Academy
Size from the Point. Can absorb contact on drives and keep shoulders squared to the basket. Three point range off the top of key and wings. Nice footwork and accurate touch on catch/shoot situations. Maintains vision lines on the move. Length can be disruptive in defensive passing lanes. One-dribble pull-up off screen/roll. Range extends beyond the arc. Pitch-ahead mindset in up-tempo play.
Mallory Hoitink
5’9” 2023 Guard/Small Forward, Slinger (WI)/Wisconsin Impact
Left-handed sniper from wings and corners. Near 40% during Freshman season. Gets feet set and into shot mechanics quickly. High release point on all shots. Comes off screens ready to shoot. Finishes drives with either hand, can finish off spin moves. Always in motion, cuts with definition. Can seal off smaller defenders. Scholarship to Division 1 prospect.
Sarah Lenz
5’8” 2021 Guard, Belle Plaine (MN)/Minnesota Rise Wolfe
Minnesota River Conference Player of the Year as Junior. Three point threat top to baselines. Shows deeper range off catch/shoot. Uses pull-up and step-back. Quick release, doesn’t need much space to shoot. Can create her own shot. Strong build aids on drives. Has natural ability to split defenders. Will consistently get to free throw line. Looks to push ball, with tempo or deep passes. Iso ability against smaller Guards. Plus rebounder. Plays defensive pass lanes well. Will cash steals from top into 1 on 1 scores.
Nyanuar Pal
6’3” 2021 Center, Omaha Central (NE)/Nebraska Hoops Elite
Tremendous offensive rebounder. Long reach to offensive glass, keeps ball high on second chance opportunities. Off low post catch will work back to middle or drop step to baseline. Keeps ball high on post catch, kicks out when double arrives. Can work high post & down against zone look. Will convert short drives from free throw line. Will flash mid-range from free throw line. Good passer out of high slot. Natural shot blocker, uses length. Will anchor down middle of 2-3 zone.
Cady Pauley
2022 Milan (MO)/All Iowa Attack
One of regions most prolific scorers. Elite level shooter. Effortless release with range that extends well beyond three point line, quick trigger release. Comes off screens in screen/roll ready to attack with 1-2 dribble pull-up. Tremendous scorer off the ball, but will work as a primary ball handler at times. Good passer, when double team arrives consistently locates open player. Can iso smaller defender. Used nice jab step to set up step-away three. Uses rip-through to set up drive. Rebounds position.
Avery Poole
2022 Point Guard, Monona Grove (WI)/Let It Rain
Shifts gears on drives. Changes directions on the move while maintaining vision lines. Direct line drives, no dancing east/west, gets to basket. Takes on contact, will consistently get to free throw line. Three point shooter off the catch top, wings & baseline. Can create for self or teammates off bounce.
Alayna Suprenand
5’8” 2021, Winnebago Lutheran Academy (WI)/Barium
Direct driver, attacks off the bounce. Takes contact well and stays squared to rim for finishes. Uses shot and ball fakes to set up drives. Handles ball well, including against pressure and in high traffic. Effectively uses, cross-over, spin and behind the back moves to set up defenders. Consistently beats initial defender, can create for herself or teammates when 2nd defender helps. Three range from top and wings, adds step-back, drive threat creates space. Reads defensive lanes, creating turnovers. Rugged rebounder. Physical frame. Missed Junior season recovering from ACL injury. Scholarship to Division 1 prospect.

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