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Daily Dozen: Monday, April 27th

04/27/2020, 9:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson
Mahli Abdouch
5'6" 2024 Point Guard, Sioux Falls O’Gorman (SD)/SD Attack
Can get to rim off bounce. Uses hesitation move to shift gears. Adds pull-up jumper on attack or on screen/roll offense. Face to basket jumper extends to three line. Open court speed with ball in hands. Sound both on-ball defensively and in passing lanes, will cash steals into scores.
Avree Antony
5’9” 2023 Guard, Sun Prairie (WI)/Let It Rain
Three point shooter with range across the board. Step-back to three point line. Consistently beats initial defender, uses strong rip through, hesitation dribble and change of direction. Consistent in mid-range. Can split defenders and create for self or teammates off the bounce, will mix in floater as finisher. Excellent in up-tempo game with ball in hands or off of wing sprinting lanes. Crashes offensive glass from Guard spot. Excellent athlete with great vertical jump. Sound defensively, gets self in right position, aggressive on-ball and high hand closeouts. Division 1 prospect.
Leah Dengerud
5’9” 2022 Shooting Guard, Totino-Grace (MN)/Minnesota Stars Fleming
Three range, with distance, off the wings. Top of key three shooter and from down the alleys. Attacks off wings, can take contact on. Rebounds from Guard position. Active hands in read lanes defensively.
Macy Donarski
5’7” 2023 Guard, Aquinas (WI)/Wisconsin Flight Elite
Tough off the bounce, shifts gears, consistently beats initial defender. Uses hesitation, reverse dribble, and crossover effectively. Can create her own shot or for others off the bounce. Three threat across perimeter, shoots it off catch. Floater on drives. Thrives in transition game. Runs floor, threat as scorer or creator on the break. Uses nice step-through off jump stop on drives. Traps ball, defends longer than listed height. Division 1 prospect.
Lily Hansford
6’2” 2022 Appleton East (WI)/Wisconsin Flight Elite
Lefty sniper off wings and corners. Elite shooter. Easy lift into shot and fluid form. Can be used as screener or shooter off pick/roll or pick/pop game. Utilizes 1-2 dribble pull-up jumper. Good instincts as cutter away from the ball. Ideal size to work from the wing. Division 1 talent.
Mataya Hoelscher
2021 Guard, Alexandria (MN)/Minnesota Comets
Three point threat out of either corner. Comes off top/wing screens ready to shoot three. Adds 1-2 dribble pull-up. Quick, and has ability to shift body and gears on move. Maintains compact frame on the drive. Mini floater off the bounce.
Kate Huml
5’7” 2022 Combo Guard, Janesville Craig (WI)/Let It Rain
Uses nice jab step to set up jumper and step-back jumper with three point range. Uses cross-over and variety of moves to create space for self. Smooth pull-up jumper off 1 or 2 dribbles. Length is asset in on-ball defense and on the boards. Proficient step-back jumper. Uses lob pass effectively for longer post entry passes. Uses kick-ahead passes in transition game.
Abby Kuboushek
2021 Shooting Guard, Prior Lake (MN)/FBC the North
Wing with ideal size. Three point range off the wings and to the top. Tough defender, hits the glass, strong positioning, creates turnovers. Energy giver. Has one-dribble pull-up to free throw line. Mid-range jumper off baseline. Active hands defensively, can impact game on defensive end of court. Can defend bigger opponents.
Emily Mortenson
5’6” 2022 Shooting Guard, Oregon (WI)/Let It Rain
Stop and pop three point range off wings and top. Catch & Shoot three point threat across the board. Sound footwork into shooting at all levels. Will convert steals into scores in passing lanes. Baseline drives converted into short jumpers or rim finishes including little floater.
Ava Privet
5’9” 2023 Guard, Caledonia (MN)/Wisconsin Playmakers
Long build. Three point threat along the arc, deep range on wings. Quality push floater off the bounce, good elevation on release. Excellent in catch & shoot play. Gets feet set quickly into shot. Can use 1-2 dribbles into shot off screen or pull-up in transition game.
Emilie Thompson
5’6” 2021 Guard, Logan-Magnolia (IA)
3 point range off the wings and top of key. Plays longer than listed height. Bodies up on defensive glass. Works primarily off wing, but can slide over to a primary ball handling role. Curls/cuts with purpose off screens. Gets wide in her transition lanes. Extends on defensive glass. Fluid shooting stroke.
Megan Wegner
5’7” 2022 Guard/Forward, Marshall (MN)/Minnesota Rise Wright
Three point range off the edges and corners. Strong build, quality 1-2 dribble attacks. Cuts well away from the ball. Puts body on opponents on both ends when battling for rebounds. Can iso smaller opponents on block. Reads passing lanes on defensive end.

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