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Daily Dozen: Thursday, April 30th

04/30/2020, 9:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson
Molly Anderson
5’11” 2023 Forward, Wausau West (WI)/Wisconsin Flight Elite
Footwork around rim, uses counters. Nice step-thru and mini hook in paint. Face to basket mid-range off of baseline, also shows same range off of wings. Competes on offensive glass. Solid shot blocker from Forward spot.
Jasmine Barney
5’9” 2023, Cedar Falls (IA)/Lady Martin Brothers
Very strong off the bounce. Excellent at maintaining north/south drives, even when taking on heavy contact, will switch hands, use change of direction, change of speed to maintain course. Consistent three point shooter off wings. Can defend both bigger opponents and quick perimeter Guards. True two way player. Scholarship to Division 1 prospect.

Jaya Hatlestad

2021 Guard, Alexandria (MN)/West Central United
Three range across the arc whether off screen or catch/shoot. Consistent floater while keeping vision on drives. Stationary or on move always maintains her court vision. Cuts well away from the ball to ball-side. Hard-nosed defender.
Paige Hodgson
6’3” 2021 Forward, Beaver Dam (WI)/Wisconsin Lakers
Interior or face to basket Forward who has range to three. Plays very long on offensive glass, plays with high hands, will convert second chance points. Uses power dribble to finish baseline or back to middle with effective hook. Seals inside, provides nice target. Soft touch in 10-15 foot range facing hoop. Shot blocker. Division 1 prospect.
Adeline Kent
5’8” 2022 Guard, Becker (MN)/Minnesota Stars Nilsen
Minnesota Class AAA All-State as Sophomore. Averaged 16 PPG as Sophomore. Strong shot mechanics. Off the bounce will shift on the move, changes direction and speeds. Deep range on three point shooting with quick trigger. Pull-up jumper with range from the 10 foot area out to beyond three point line. Defensively is aggressive in passing lanes, uses her length to generate turnovers. Division 1 prospect.
Sarah Lazar
6’3” 2021 Forward, Edgewood (WI), Wisconsin Academy
Led High School team in scoring as Junior. Has length and utilizes it in all facets of play. On low block, seals opponent on baseline finishes. With back to basket will also use quality hook shot working back to middle. Converts at high field goal percentage. Will also convert turn around jumper or hook from mid-block. Can work as high post or perimeter four and is able to attack with strong shorter drives. Willing to step out to arc as shooter. Uses length as shot blocker on interior. Division 1 prospect.
Leah Lenz
2022 Center, Belle Plaine (MN)/Minnesota Rise
Face to basket post who can face bucket as a shooter with three point range or put it on the deck with short drives. Forces opposing Center away from the basket. Seals defenders off on low block. High-hands on offensive glass, keeps high on stick backs. Skilled passer for big. High motor from front court. Harasses opponents on-ball with quick hands. Plays with a Guard skill set in Post player build.
Ellie Magestro Kennedy
5’6” 2023 Combo Guard, Janesville Craig (WI)/Let It Rain
Majority of scoring comes off effective three shooting off wings and top, including out of catch/shoot, uses quick jab step to create space for shot. Can create for self off baseline with drive or jumper with range. Uses length to create turnovers defensively. Competes defensively, pushes up on-ball and will get physical on defensive glass, can trigger transition game with defensive rebound. Will energize with her defense.
Taylor Moreau
2023 Shooting Guard/Wing, Monona Grove (WI)/Let It Rain
Three point sniper off the wing. Has extended range down the alleys and off the edge. Catch and shoot scorer out of either corner. Will drive when she receives a hard close-out and will attack with either hand. Slides and relocates on arc off of pass. Runs floor and is dangerous off the wing, will attack 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 but also adds ability to step out and hit transition three.
Remi Price
5’4” 2023 Guard, Pierre T.F. Riggs (SD)/South Dakota Attack
Near 40% 3 point shooter, who converts off the wings and corners. Catch and score threat from around the arc. Drives lead to 1-dribble pull-up or finishes attacking the rim. Ball-side cutter north/south, no dancing. Will play up-tempo transition game, mixing in pull-up jumper on the move. Steals up top lead to scores, good open-court speed.
Meena Tate
5’8” 2023 Guard, Iowa City West (IA)/Lady Martin Brothers
Dual threat scorer off the bounce and with three point range. Athletic Guard who can catch and attack quickly, good at beating initial defender off the bounce using strong rip thru into cross over. Nearly 40% from three point line as Freshman. Disruptive defensively, very active and is aggressive in defensive passing lanes. Scholarship prospect.
Freddie Wallace
5’11” 2022 Forward Lincoln Southwest (NE), Omaha Sports Academy
Post/Perimeter player who can score off low block or work from wings of offense. Can attack with long strides on drives and get to rim in 1 or 2 dribbles. Range extends to three point line. Excellent working from low block back towards baseline. Will also work toward middle or locate shooters off double team. Sound footwork leads to nice up and under move off low block. Rim runner. Shot blocker defensively. Scholarship to D1 prospect.

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